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Time for Conservative caucus to put a leash on the Fordicator: OPSEU’s Thomas

Warren (Smokey) Thomas, OPSEU President

Toronto – The release of yet another public opinion poll that shows Ontarians feel Premier Doug Ford is going in the wrong direction should be taken seriously by his caucus, OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas said Friday.

“The Fordicator has taken the Progressive out of the once respectable P.C. party,” said Thomas. “The Big Blue Machine has been turned into the Big Blew It Machine.”

Thomas pointed to a Pollara poll that found the Conservatives have slipped by the New Democrats in popular support.  The poll provided to the Toronto Star found that the Tories’ support has plummeted to 30 per cent.  Ford and the Conservatives had attracted 40 per cent of the popular vote in last year’s election.

The findings are similar to two polls that OPSEU has commissioned in the past six months.  Both showed Ontarians are fiercely opposed to Ford’s agenda and are greatly worried about the future of public services.

Thomas says the poll results show Ontarians are fed up with Ford’s wrongheaded policies and his failure to be truthful after promising that not one frontline public service worker would lose their job.

“Ontarians don’t like being lied to and I’m not surprised they’re angry when they see layoffs being announced for frontline public service workers,” said Thomas. 

“The Fordicator is a proven prevaricator and his bullying and destructive approach is not the kind of Ontario that most folks want to live in.”

Thomas predicts the Conservative caucus members will sooner or later wake up and realize they have to dump Ford to save their own political skins.

“I just hope it’s sooner rather than later so the public services that Ontarians rely on won’t be damaged beyond repair. I don’t want to see another Walkerton type disaster where we have a loss of life,” said Thomas.  “The Fordicator will eventually be shown the door and we all hope he won’t be able to say ‘I’ll be back’.”

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