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Tim Hudak’s proposals for public sector would drag down economy


Tim Hudak should be pressing his big business friends to invest in the Ontario economy and create good jobs, but instead he's attacking workers with modest incomes and pensions — a move that will only further hurt the economy, said OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas today.

When income inequality is at historic highs, Ontarians are looking for leaders who will grow the economy and share the wealth, not shrink the economy and hoard an ever-growing pile of 'dead money', as seems to be Hudak's policy, Thomas said following yet another Hudak attack on working people.

"Here's Ontario's biggest problem: as long as there is not enough money in workers' pockets, Ontario's economy will continue to limp along," said Thomas.

Hudak said yesterday that if elected Premier of Ontario, he would further cut the public service. In fact, said Thomas, jobs for critical services such as drinking water inspection remain unfilled.

"How could anyone propose further cuts to the public service when Ontario has the lowest level of program spending per capita of any province in Canada?" asks Thomas.  "And those public service jobs are what's holding many local economies together across Ontario. 

"Hudak seems to say that people act for their community and society only if they're paid to do so. OPSEU members do it because they believe in family, friends and community. From the time Tim Hudak's mentor, Mike Harris, started attacking public services, Ontario Public Service (OPS) job numbers have dropped about 10 percent with OPSEU's OPS membership down more than a third.

"This is why I don't agree with him. His description of public services disrespects hard-working Ontarians who have devoted their entire working lives to their communities. My motivation for coming to work each day is simple — to build a better province.

"I invite Tim to publically debate the issues with me based on facts rather than spin. The numbers are clear. Public services are declining with OPS management jobs suffering the least and front line services and workers suffering most," said Thomas.

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