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Tim Hudak: Setting out the facts for Ontarians


Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak has taken his party sharply to the right since losing the October 2011 provincial election. Hudak supports deep cuts in public sector spending, big tax breaks for major corporations, and Deep South labour laws designed to push down wages for all working people, union and non-union.

OPSEU has always spoken out in favour of quality public services, tax fairness to pay for them, and strong unions that can defend the rights of working people. Not surprisingly, both our union and President Warren (Smokey) Thomas are now under attack from Tim Hudak.

This page provides news and information about what Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC party have in mind for OPSEU members – and what the union has to say about it. Click on the links below to find out more.

Tim Hudak’s proposals for public sector would drag down economy

December 5, 2013  Tim Hudak should be pressing his big business friends to invest in the Ontario economy and create good jobs, but instead he’s attacking workers with modest incomes and pensions – a move that will only further hurt the economy. more..

A letter from Smokey to Tim Hudak

December 9, 2013 OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas has challenged Tim Hudak to a debate, speaking leader to leader on television or radio.  more…

PC Leader admits he lacks talent, refuses to debate

December 11, 2013 Two days after the PCs publicly targeted OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas, Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak flatly refused to engage in a debate about his party’s plans for Ontario workers and unions more…

PC Fact Check: Doug Holyday misleads public about ServiceOntario wages

December 13, 2013 Ontario Progressive Conservative MPP Doug Holyday is deliberately misleading the public about the wages earned by the employees at ServiceOntario. more…

Making sense of the PC attack on OPSEU

December 19, 2013 Ontario PC attacks on OPSEU this month are really aimed at the wages and working conditions of all working people in Ontario, a new backgrounder from OPSEU Political Economist Randy Robinson says  more…

Op Ed – Toronto Star – Jan. 22

January 23, 2014 Yes, there are disagreements in the house of labour, as Star columnist Martin Cohn pointed out in a recent column. But that's good. Competing opinions are the lifeblood of democracy.  more…


Get your "Hudak has no talent" t-shirt today!

January 23, 2014 Tim Hudak's infamous quote "I really had no talent in life except running my mouth off. That's why I got in politics" is now available on a limited-edition, union-made t-shirt.  more…

2014 Election Readiness

New leaflet preps members for possible 2014 election

February 7, 2014 OPSEU’s Central Political Action Committee has published its first leaflet aimed at alerting members to a possible Ontario general election in 2014. Read and download “Some elections change the government, others change your life” here.


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