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Tillsonburg rally brings community together

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More than 30 workers, family members and supporters came out for an upbeat rally in front of Community Living Tillsonburg Head Office on Tuesday, February 28, calling for critical developmental services funding.

CKOT radio and Tillsonburg News came out to do interviews and take photos, and community members showed their support by honking horns as they drove by. Taxis stopped to cheer on the picketers, and bike riders parked by the curb to hear more about the issues.

Before the information picket started at 10 am, a last minute tip caught the attention of members. A special delegation made a quick trip to Potters Road, where they surprised the Executive Director of Community Living Tillsonburg, Marty Graf, as he attended an event. Members of Local 161 were pleased that their impromptu picket inspired Graf to come out and attempt to address their concerns about funding and contract negotiations.

The 112 members of Local 161 have been without a contract since March 2010. There are three years of pay equity monies outstanding, and the employer is demanding concessions including to sick leave and vacation time.

Local 161 thanks everyone who came out to the rally, including local 166 Community Living London President, Deb Morphew, and OPSEU Executive Board Members Ron Elliott and Gino Franche.

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