Thomas urges members to skip ‘irresponsible’ CSN events

Would you risk catching COVID for a free burger?

I don’t think so – which is why I’m confident most OPSEU members will steer clear of the irresponsible barbecues being held by CSN, the Quebec union that’s trying to raid our Corrections members.

The raiding is bad enough during this pandemic; trying to exploit FXTs is despicable but this burger bash is over the top. Responsible unions are focused on helping and protecting all workers, respecting public health guidelines and not wasting time and resources trying to poach organized members for the sake of dues.

Raiding events hosted by a union based in Quebec, where the pandemic continues to rage with outbreaks and large numbers of new cases every day – is unconscionable. This is obviously a union that puts its bottom line well ahead of the health and safety of working people, their families and our communities.

OPSEU always puts the health and safety of our members first, both before and during this pandemic. That’s why we fought for and won:

  • 14 days of isolation for all new inmates
  • Voluntary testing for all members – Corrections members included – and 14 days of paid leave if they tested positive
  • Surgical masks for all workers and visitors in our jails
  • And that is why we will not promote large gatherings

While the Quebec union is ruthless and reckless in its greed for new members, you can count on OPSEU to continue its tireless campaign to put the health and safety of its members and their families first.

In solidarity,

Warren (Smokey) Thomas
OPSEU President