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Thomas: police must investigate allegations of the Ford government’s unlawful actions

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas at Queen's Park.

Toronto – OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas is calling on the Ontario Provincial Police to investigate allegations by former Conservative MPP Randy Hillier that the Premier’s Office is engaged in “illegal/unlawful actions.”

“Looks like Ford’s botched attempt to install his unqualified buddy Ron Taverner as head of the OPP was just the tip of the iceberg,” said Thomas. “Now, we’ve got Randy Hillier saying he was expelled from caucus because he wouldn’t stay quiet about Ford’s ‘unlawful activity.’

“There’s something rotten in Ford Nation. A police investigation is needed to find the cause of the smell.”

In a letter to his constituents, Hillier paints a grim picture of a corrupt government out of control. Along with a demand that he “breach [his] oath of office,” Hillier says he was the subject of an “underhanded and relentless” campaign to have him expelled from caucus by Ford insiders Chris Froggatt and Dean French.

Hillier says Ford’s insiders told him he was expelled for a number of reasons, including speaking up about “possible illegal and unregistered lobbying by close friends and advisors employed by Premier Ford.” Hillier says he was told that he could only avoid expulsion by accepting “distortions/corruptions of my responsibilities … and neither dissent in caucus nor speak publicly of these illegal/unlawful actions.”

“There’s no such thing as a victimless crime,” said OPSEU First Vice-President / Treasurer Eduardo (Eddy) Almeida. “And if a police investigation finds crime in Ford’s office, the victims are the people of Ontario.”

Thomas said that until these allegations are properly investigated, it will be impossible for Ontarians to trust their government.

“From the $4 million cash-for-access fundraising dinner to his growing parade of high-paid patronage appointments, Ford’s reputation is in freefall,” said Thomas. “I’m not the only one wondering if the ‘procurement reform’ announced this morning is just another way to quickly siphon the public’s hard-earned dollars to the Friends of Ford.

“And how is Ford responding to all these tough questions? By ducking them – he’s barely attended a third of the Question Periods at Queen’s Park since the beginning of December,” said Thomas. “If he’s not going to answer to the opposition parties, it’s time for him to answer to police.”

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