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Thistletown provides hope: a parent’s words

By Richard Bradley, member of FFACT (Families and Friends Against the Closing of Thistletown) 

In addition to excellent services, Thistletown provides families the one thing they need get through each and every day…hope!

All families hope for:

  • A day with fewer behaviour problems;
  • A day when they can go out to the mall and not be pointed at or stared at;
  • A day when their children may be able to sit quietly through a movie in a theatre;
  • A day when they can go to work and not have to worry about getting a call from school to come and pick up their child…again;
  • A day when friends and family will return to their lives after having stopped calling, visiting, or extending invitations to family events;
  • A weekend off to spend time with their children and do something we normally can’t do;
  • A Saturday night date for parents, or just a quiet night at home to be a couple;
  • A night of proper sleep.

Thistletown Regional Centre staff and programs give families the ability to hope for any or all of the above and so much more.

We call on the government: Restore hope. Save Thistletown. Sign the online petition and e-mail Child and Youth Services Minister Eric Hoskins directly from www.savethistletown.com