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Thank you to OPSEU’s Hospital Professionals Division members

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To all members of OPSEU’s Hospital Professionals Division,

Over the past several months it’s been extraordinary to witness your unparalleled professionalism, courage, and activism during this pandemic. Apart from taking on the battles in your joint health and safety committees regarding PPE, redeployment, proper contact tracing and positive case reporting, etc.; it’s been the fight for recognition for pandemic pay that’s been the most inspiring.

Thank you.

Thank you for not only saving lives day in and day out by diagnosing, treating, and rehabilitating all those patients coming through our doors, but most of all, thank you for rallying together in solidarity to remind the politicians of this province that we are all essential to a modern health care team.

Since the announcement about pandemic premiums our sector has been reactivated, with your support we have undertaken the following actions (please note this list is illustrative and not exhaustive):

  • Petitions which were presented in the legislature.
  • Online days of actions, Facebook posts, t-shirts, and lawn signs

Dedication to wife and all Medical Lab Professionals across the Province of Ontario who continue to be excluded from Pandemic Pay.

To see a photo-montage of all the events please click here. Please feel free to continue to send in your pictures to Noemi Khondo, Campaigns Officer at and we will add them to the album.

Whatever the outcome from all this is, we can be proud that we have raised the profile of all of our professions and the important roles we provide as part of the team delivering patient care in Ontario’s hospitals. I am certain that the politicians will not soon forget all of the different highly-skilled, highly specialized people who are the face of the fight against COVID-19.

We also recognize the very real possibility of a second wave and we will continue to advocate and push for retooling of manufacturing sectors to increase PPE stockpiles and the importance of employers taking appropriate action to prevent burn-out. We will also continue to fight for improved language in our collective agreements surrounding all the issues that are being highlighted from this experience.

We’re in this together.

In solidarity,
Sara Labelle 
Chair, OPSEU Hospital Professionals Division