Tentative deal reached at ONE Fertility

Tentative deal reached at ONE Fertility!

Fertility healthcare workers at ONE Fertility Burlington have successfully prevented a strike that was set to begin on March 29. A tentative agreement has been reached between ONE Fertility and the OPSEU/SEFPO Local 273 members who provide fertility services for patients in the Burlington, Hamilton, and Niagara regions.

The fertility healthcare workers include andrologists, embryologists, sonographers, phlebotomists, pharmacy technicians and laboratory technicians who provide essential fertility care for patients seeking parenthood.

“We all care deeply about helping our patients achieve success in their fertility journeys – we didn’t want them to be hurt by a strike, but we needed to stand united for what was right. The bargaining team is proud that we were able to reach a tentative agreement that provides our members with fair wages so we can keep providing care to our communities,” said Lindsay DiPaolo, bargaining team member.

The 17 female healthcare workers have been bargaining with their employer since June 2022, negotiating for higher wage increases to reflect their value, skills and an increasing demand for care.

“Congratulations to the bargaining team on reaching a tentative agreement! The team fought hard for respect and equitable wage increases and came out of bargaining with a tentative deal that they can confidently put forward to members. When workers stand together, we win! OPSEU/SEFPO is proud to represent these strong frontline workers,” said JP Hornick, OPSEU/SEFPO President.

OPSEU/SEFPO Local 273 members working at ONE Fertility will be voting on their acceptance of the tentative agreement on Thursday.