Take the survey: Add your voice to help protect the Greenbelt and repeal Doug Ford’s Bill 23

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Communities across Ontario, including municipalities, NGOs, affordable housing advocates, and environmental groups, are speaking out against Doug Ford’s attack on the Greenbelt and you are invited to have your say in an important survey on the environment, housing, and Ontario public policy, which is being conducted by SPR Associates.

Doug Ford’s Bill 23 destroys the vital green spaces and agricultural land we need to live and thrive, all to provide Conservative-backed developers with land to build lavish, expensive McMansions — not the affordable housing we desperately need.

At a time when flooding is the leading cause of public emergencies in Ontario — and only getting worse due to climate change — Doug Ford is threatening Ontario Greenbelt’s watersheds that Environmental Defence report “provide more than $1 billion worth of ecological services, by filtering pollution and waste, regulating water flow and preventing floods.”

The Ford Conservatives blocked many from having a say at the Bill 23 committee hearings at Queen’s Park, so it is important that you complete this survey and add your voice.

The results of this survey will aid a position paper supporting environmental organizations on the issue of repeal of the legislation in 2023.

We encourage you to sign up and complete this survey. Your voice is important in this issue and can make a difference in the fight to repeal Bill 23, protect Ontario’s Greenbelt lands and promote more affordable housing.

Completing the survey should only take ten minutes and all survey responses will be kept confidential.

The survey deadline is March 17.


More about the research team behind the survey:

SPR Associates have a 25+ year record of accomplishment of public policy research with Ontario’s government, NGOs, labour unions, and others.

The survey is supported by the Social Planning Councils of Ontario, the Ontario Federation of Labour, community associations, NGOs, and many others.

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