OPSEU organizing banner

Tables are turning for OPSEU’s newest members at Cambrian College foodservices


Foodservice workers at Cambrian College in Sudbury are now members of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU).

The successful certification shows that the 32 members are determined to improve their lives and workplaces, said OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas.

“The tables are turning for these workers. Joining OPSEU is going to be the change they’re looking for and more. With the full strength of OPSEU on their side, things are about to get a lot better.”

Chad Ravary, President of Local 656 with OPSEU’s College Support Division, said foodservices workers approached him because they saw how well OPSEU representation benefited the other college staff. OPSEU represents full-time and part-time support staff as well as faculty at Cambrian College.

“These workers have been struggling to survive on minimum wage for years. The only time they have ever seen a wage increase is when the minimum wage goes up. They deserve better than that.

Foodservice workers at Cambrian College are employed by Chartwells, which is a Compass Group Canada company.

Thomas says this latest certification is just another reason that public sector workers who don’t have a bargaining agent should consider OPSEU.

“There is always room in our tent for more members,” Thomas said.  “If you want your employer to hear you, the smart choice is to let OPSEU be your voice.”