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Support workers at Trent University celebrate 25 years with OPSEU

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OPSEU, which has proudly represented the support workers at Trent University for 25 years, held a celebratory barbeque and tree planting in honour of this important milestone. To see coverage of the event in the Peterborough Examiner, click here.


OPSEU local 365 was launched at Trent in September 1993, and today represents more than 400 support workers in caretaking, plumbing, electrical work, secretarial, finance, academic, student services, and in the registrar’s office.

“These staff are the ones keeping the lights on here at Trent,” said OPSEU President Warren (Smokey)  Thomas. “Without them, this place couldn’t function, let alone shape the leaders of tomorrow. It’s these support workers that make Trent a safe environment for learning, and that make this community a better place.”

“We’re the backbone of everything that goes on,” said Local 365 president Adele Devlin.

Members of local 365 were joined by OPSEU President Thomas, Region 3 Regional Vice-President Sara Labelle, and Region 3 Executive Board Member Tracy Vyfschaft to help mark the occasion.