Support the #StrikeforSafety – Join this Sunday’s Twitter storm!

Strike for safety

OPSEU/SEFPO Local 546 TSSA safety inspectors need your support! They have been on #strikeforsafety for over 3 weeks with an employer who shows no sign of coming back to the bargaining table after walking away on July 20. Instead of working with safety inspectors to negotiate a first contract and respecting the bargaining process, the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) is putting public safety at risk and putting all their efforts into union-busting.

The TSSA operates on behalf of the government of Ontario, under the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery, and the Minister appoints the Chair and Vice-Chair of its Board.

Minister Kaleed Rasheed has claimed that he cannot intervene in getting the TSSA back to the bargaining table – that he can take no action. The Minister cannot wipe his hands clean of his responsibility to ensure that the agency responsible for enforcing the safety standards act is operating safely.

On Sunday, August 14, let’s speak out in solidarity and tell Minister Rasheed to get the TSSA back to the bargaining table!

Tag @krasheedmpp with the hashtag #strikeforsafety to spread the word!

Sample tweets to use:

Tweet 1

Every day @TSSAOntario prolongs the #strikeforsafety, public safety is at risk @krasheedmpp. How many more safety threats have to occur before you step in? Get TSSA back to the bargaining table so experienced inspectors can get back to keeping communities safe!

Tweet 2

Every day @TSSAOntario sends DIY checklists & contract labour to replace experienced safety inspectors, public safety’s at risk. @krasheedmpp don’t wash your hands clean of TSSA’s dirty tricks – they work on behalf of your govt! Step in & stand up for inspectors. #strikeforsafety

Tweet 3

5 days til @letsgototheex opens and safety inspectors who check every nut & bolt and propane tank at CNE are still on #strikeforsafety. We love the CNE and want to keep it safe! @krasheedmpp help save the CNE – stop @TSSAOntario’s union busting tactics & protect public safety.

TSSA safety inspectors on strike now