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Support good jobs at Seneca College: Information pickets


Seneca President David Agnew and Vice-President Academic Joy McKinnon plan to reduce the pay, hours, benefits, and working conditions of hundreds of contract faculty at Seneca, starting January.  They don’t want you to know how this staffing change will hurt students.

Please help support good jobs at Seneca College by coming to an information picket.
Pickets will run from 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

King Campus: Nov. 10 (rain date: Nov. 20)

13990 Dufferin St., King City, Ontario
report to Dufferin St., outside main entrance

Newnham Campus: Nov. 11 (rain date: Nov. 18)

1750 Finch Ave. East, Toronto
report to Finch Ave. entrance, near TTC loop

Seneca and York campus: Nov. 12 (rain date: Nov. 19)

70 The Pond Road, Toronto
report to The Pond Rd. across from Seneca buildings

Markham campus: Nov. 13 (rain date: Nov. 17)

8 The Seneca Way (Highway 7 and Highway 404), Markham
report to Allstate Parkway, outside main entrance

If you haven’t done so already, please sign — and get your friends and contacts to sign the petition at http://partialload.org

Thanks for your support.

Contract faculty are paid by the hours they teach each week.  Seneca management is preventing hundreds of these faculty from teaching more than six hours a week, starting in the Winter Semester.  As a consequence of this decision, these faculty members…

  • Will not teach enough hours to live on

  • Face a pay cut in their hourly wage

  • Will lack the right to health benefits

  • Will lack the right to sick days and may be forced to work when sick

  • Will lack Union representation, to prevent exploitation

Giving contract faculty fewer hours and less pay will force them to work other jobs while teaching.  This could lead to:

  • Contract faculty not being available after class to meet with students

  • Contract faculty not being able to respond to e-mails quickly

  • Contract faculty leaving Seneca for jobs that offer more hours, benefits, and pay

  • Higher faculty turnover, with newer, less experienced faculty

  • Faculty not being around years from now, if students need a letter of reference from them

  • Faculty being less willing to go “the extra mile” for a school that disrespects them

Please help us to fight against these changes to faculty working conditions and students’ learning conditions at Seneca College.  Help to ensure that Seneca faculty members can make Seneca students their priority.