OPSEU Liquor Board Employees Division

Strike Headquarters for LCBO members begin to open across Ontario next week


The Ontario Public Service Employees Union will begin to open local strike headquarters across the province for LCBO members as the May 17 strike deadline draws closer.

On Monday, May 13, media events will take place at seven strike headquarters locations in London, Hamilton, Toronto, Peterborough, Ottawa, Sudbury and Thunder Bay. An additional 26 headquarters will open throughout the week.

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas said the union continues to work towards a reasonable settlement at the bargaining table, but is also preparing in case the LCBO refuses to move on key issues.

"To reach an agreement, the LCBO must address the inequities of part-time work," said Thomas. "So far, the LCBO is ignoring the glaring wage and scheduling issues for part-time staff. This is unacceptable to us."

If LCBO employees go on strike next Friday, it will be the first strike in the LCBO's 87-year history. Thomas says it all can be easily avoided.

"There is no reason for part-time workers to make less money performing the same work as full-time employees," Thomas said. "There is no reason for part-time workers to go week to week without a schedule, and then only work a few hours. These members have a serious responsibility controlling alcohol sales for a corporation that earns more than $4 billion a year. We can easily reach an agreement that is reasonable for our members and the people of Ontario."

OPSEU Strike Headquarters Locations

Media Events — Monday, May 13


Headquarters Address

Media Event Time





London Regional Office, Room #1, 1092 Dearness Drive, Unit 27

12 noon

Dave Holmes





Hamilton Region Office, Membership Room,

55 Frid Street, Suite 1

12 noon

Shawn Swayze





43 Freeland Street, South of Lakeshore Blvd. E.

12 noon

Craig Hadley





Peterborough Membership Centre,

1840 Lansdowne St.

Unit 10

10 a.m.

Richard Woodall





Strike Trailer,

1980 Bank Street

12 noon

Devon Ford and
Adam Ly

613-762-3013 and



devonford2@hotmail.com adam.ly12@gmail.com


Sudbury Regional Office,

Member Board Room,

866 Newgate Ave. Newgate Square

12 noon

Felicia Fahey




Thunder Bay

Lakehead Labour Centre,

Charter Room A, 929 Fort William Road

12 noon

Robert Lorkowski





Additional Strike Headquarters Locations

Windsor – OPSEU Regional Office
Contact: Guy Jeremschuk, Cell: (519) 903-1769

3005 Marentette Ave., Suite 130

London – Trailer – Beside London LCBO warehouse
Contact: Gregory Wilson, Cell: (519) 851-6796

955 Wilton Grove Rd.

Sarnia – CEP Hall, OPSEU Membership Centre
Contact: Dave Holmes (519) 200-4829

Devine St.

Owen Sound – OPSEU Regional Office
Contact: Robert Hawken, Cell: (519) 317-6527

1717 2nd Ave. E. Suite 100

Guelph – OPSEU Regional Office
Contact: Chris Patterson, Cell: (226) 972-1808

400 Speedvale Ave W, Unit A

Niagara OPSEU Regional Office (Membership side)
Contact: Jackie Ruddy, Cell: (905)329-1387

2285 Highway 20 E

Mississauga – OPSEU Regional Office
Contact: Biagina Rizzo, Cell: (647) 261-2634

5757 Coopers Ave.

Bracebridge — OPSEU Membership Centre
Contact: Richard Woodall, Cell: (705) 644-3331

9 Monck Rd. Unit 2

Midland – OPSEU Membership Centre
Contact: Richard Woodall, Cell: (705) 644-3331

93 Woodland Drive

Barrie – United Association Local 599
Contact: Maria Bauer, Cell: (647) 999-6689

295 Edgehill Drive

Richmond Hill – Teamsters Local 100M
Contact: Maria Bauer, Cell: (647) 999-6689

165 East Beaver Creek Road, Unit 21

Oshawa – OPSEU Regional Office
Contact: Tammy Rogers, Cell: (905) 243-3889

500 King St. W

Whitby – CUPE Local 218 Office
Contact: Renee MacLean Cell: (905) 439-1211

2080 Wentworth, Whitby

Peterborough – OPSEU Membership Center
Contact: Donna Shea, Cell: (705) 879-7371

1840 Landsdowne St. Unit 10

Port Hope – OPSEU Membership Centre
Contact: Donna Shea, Cell: (705) 879-7371

74 Queen Street Suite B

Cornwall — OPSEU Membership Centre
Contact: Jeff Scobie Cell: (613) 791-3759

17349 Centre Road, Unit C

Kingston – OPSEU Membership Centre
Contact: Eric Davis, Cell: (613) 929-4497

103-920 Princess Street, Suite 102

Kanata – Trailer, Kanata Centrum
Contact: Brian Hickman (613) 292-8976

457 Hazeldean Rd. Unit 10

Ottawa – OPSEU Membership Center
Contact: Adam Ly Cell: (613) 864-2134

2255 St. Laurent Blvd.

Ottawa – Trailer
Contact: Devon Ford (613) 762-3013

1980 Bank St

Toronto – OPSEU Head Office, Tait Room
Contact: Craig Hadley Cell: (416) 305-0066

100 Lesmill Rd.

Toronto – OPSEU Regional Office
Contact: Craig Hadley Cell: (416) 305-0066

31 Wellesley Street East

Toronto – LCBO Headquarters – Trailer in parking lot across from 43 Freeland
Contact: Craig Hadley Cell: (416) 305-0066

43 Freeland

Sault Ste. Marie – OPSEU Regional Office
Contact: Floyd Freamon, Cell: (705) 943-3641

154 Great Northern Road

Sudbury – OPSEU Regional Office
Contact: Felicia Fahey, Cell: (705) 919-4105

866 Newgate Ave., Newgate Square

North Bay – OPSEU Regional Office, Union Hall
Contact: Mellissa Jackson, Cell: (705) 845 — 8769

579 Fraser Street

Timmins – OPSEU Regional Office, Membership Room
Contact: Kevin Herbert, Cell: (705) 260-0240

414 Algonquin Blvd. E. Unit 1

Dryden – OPSEU Regional Office
Contact: Heidi Compardo, Cell: 807-938-7244

102 Queen Street
Dryden, ON P8N 1A7
Tel: (807) 223-3308 – Fax: (807) 223-4592

Kenora Membership Centre (L. 729)
Contact: Patrick Brett Cell: (807) 465-4717

202-115 Chipman Street

Fort Frances – OPSEU Membership Centre
Contact: Bobbi- Jo Gray Cell: (807) 312-1335

255A Scott Street

Thunder Bay – Lakehead Labour Centre
Contact: Anne Makela, Cell: (807) 626-6444

929 Fort William Road