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Stand with College Support Part-time workers on November 6 Sticker Day

Equality and Fairness for All - OPSEU

College Support Part-time workers are asking all faculty and college support workers and all of our student allies to stand with us on Tuesday, November 6, and show your support.

The College Employer Council needs a push. A big push.

They are not addressing key concerns at the bargaining table. They are avoiding the big issues, stalling, evading and dragging their feet. It’s time to act!

Please show your support by wearing a sticker on Tuesday, November 6.  The sticker says “Equality and Fairness for All”. That sums up what part-time support staff are asking for in bargaining: equal pay for equal work and fairness for all college workers.

Show your solidarity by following this three point plan:

1) Wear the sticker at work.

Contact your local support staff union representative to make sure you get your sticker. Wear it all day long with pride.

2) Share photos on social media.

Take a selfie or group photo wearing solidarity stickers. Post it to social media.

3) Change your profile picture to the sticker.

Download the sticker graphic now, and use it as a profile picture on social media.

Part-time work affects us all.

We are inviting all college workers, students and allies to participate in this day of action, so please share widely.

If you have any questions, please contact