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St. Leonard’s Place, Peel finds its place in OPSEU

Outdoor sign that reads: St. Leonard's Place - it's HOW we care

On October 8, 2015, the workers at St. Leonard’s Place, Peel voted 95 per cent in favour of joining OPSEU.

The comprehensive treatment team at St. Leonard’s provides community-based residential support for men over 16 years of age who have significant mental health and substance abuse problems, and involvement with the justice system. They help the residents confided to their care rebuild their lives and participate fully in society.

Ed Arvelin, Chair of OPSEU’s Mental Health Division, was delighted by the result of the vote: “More and more mental health professionals are choosing OPSEU, because they realize it’s the best union for changing times. St. Leonard’s will make a wonderful addition to our many members in the community mental health care sector.”

Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President of OPSEU, joined with Ed in acclaiming the decisive vote. “The caring and compassionate staff at St. Leonard’s Place, Peel take pride in creating a home for their residents within their community. I couldn’t be happier that these dedicated workers have chosen to make their home within the OPSEU community.

“I thank them for their moving vote of confidence and wish them a very enthusiastic welcome to OPSEU.”