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SOS! Save our local ServiceOntario centres!

The Ontario Liberals are shutting down local ServiceOntario centres with NO public consultation.

The latest communities to be hit are:

  • Guelph, Milton, Mississauga and Terrace Bay on October 28
  • Embrun, Minden and Morrisburg on November 25
  • Blind River and Kemptville on February 24, 2017

serviceontario_2.png Residents will no longer get health cards, drivers’ licences, or other government documents in their own community. They will be forced to travel many miles at a cost of time and money.

For businesses that rely on ServiceOntario daily, the closures will be punishing.

ServiceOntario centres provide a public service that none of us can do without. These centres keep communities strong. Ontarians know this. That’s why they’re fighting back.

MPPs, mayors, town councils, and private citizens are mobilizing to save their ServiceOntario centres. They’re passing resolutions. They’re circulating petitions demanding that the government STOP these disastrous closures.

Defend your community

Save your ServiceOntario office!

ACT NOW to ensure you and all Ontario citizens have easy access to public services:

  • Write to Minister David Orazietti at dorazietti.mpp@liberal.ola.org and tell him you need your ServiceOntario centre.
  • Visit or call your MPP and ask what they’re doing about the closures.
  • Let your mayor or councillor know that residents have a right to public services locally.
  • Sign an online petition or start one yourself at change.org.
  • Organize a protest and invite reporters!

Stop the closures!