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Solidarity picket calls for safety at Carleton University


OTTAWA — OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas as well as other OPSEU Board Members will be attending the picket line at Carleton University on Tuesday, March 11. Campus Safety workers at Ottawa's Carleton University are on strike as of 12:01 Monday morning, after the employer refused to negotiate a fair contract.

WHAT: Strike solidarity with OPSEU President
WHERE: Picket line at Bronson and Sunnyside, Carleton University Campus
WHEN: 11 am, Tuesday, March 11

Carleton University has brought in replacement workers from the company Securitas rather than offer their Campus Safety staff a fair contract.

"These workers are defending safety for all of the students at Carleton University," said Thomas. "I am calling on the University President, Roseann O"Reilly Runte, to demonstrate a serious commitment to ensuring this campus is safe. It"s time to invest in their frontline staff and offer them a fair contract so that we can put an end to the strike."

"Carleton University has enough money to pay President, Roseann O"Reilly Runte $400,000 a year. They can certainly afford to make campus safety a priority," said Thomas.

Nearly half of Carleton University Campus Safety workers earn under 12 dollars an hour. Another key concern is that the number of Campus Safety staff has not kept pace with the growing student population.

There are 50 Carleton University Safety Workers including special constables, dispatchers, campus safety officers and student safety patrollers.

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