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Sign the colleges petition: No cuts to wages! Count the ballots!

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A crisis of precarious work on Ontario college campuses is threatening the learning conditions of students across the province. Over three-quarters of college faculty are working on contract – 75 per cent of the workforce. This is shameful and utterly unacceptable, particularly for a broader public sector employer, which should be models for their students and private sector employers.

In 2018, the Ford Conservative government rolled back equal pay legislation for part-time, contract and temporary workers who do the same job as their full-time colleagues. This puts recent wage increases for contract faculty at risk.

Contract faculty also voted on joining a union to collectively bargain better wages and working conditions in 2017. But the College Employer Council continues to spend exorbitant sums of money to prevent those ballots from being counted. It’s time to count the ballots!

Earlier this week, President Thomas and CAAT-A Chair RM Kennedy, in collaboration with $15 and Fairness, sent an email to all CAAT members, urging them to stand up for fairness for contract faculty.

In just a few days, we’ve received over 1,000 signatures. Join us in our struggle for fairness.

Please click here to tell Ontario Colleges: No rollbacks to wages, and count the ballots now!

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