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Sign on for pharmacare

OPSEU & Canadian Labour Congress

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas and CLC President Hassan Yussuf issued the following joint Call-to-Action today.

In our country, it’s supposed to be simple – if you’re sick and you have a health card, you can get the treatment you need.

But Canada is the only developed country in the world with a universal health care system that doesn’t include prescription drugs. That’s left 8.4 million Canadians unable to afford the medicine they need. Too many are splitting pills, skipping days to stretch their prescriptions, or not taking their medication at all.

OPSEU, add your name now if you think Canada needs a universal prescription drug plan.

Nobody should be forced to choose between paying for groceries and paying for the medication they need. And in Canada, nobody should have to.

91% of Canadians agree. It’s time that Canada’s healthcare system include a universal prescription drug plan.

Take a minute now to sign our petition and join the campaign.


Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President
Ontario Public Service Employees Union

Hassan Yussuff, President
Canadian Labour Congress

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