Share Your Enough is Enough Moments – We Want to See Your Photos and Videos!


In communities across the province on Saturday people are joining together to say Enough Is Enough! These rallies are a powerful opportunity for us to come together, raise our voices, and make a difference.

We know that each rally will bring unique energy and perspective and we want to capture as many of these moments as possible. We’re inviting all members to share your experiences by sending us your photos from your rally. Whether it’s a snapshot of a sign, a group, your local, your family and friends, or just something that captured the spirit of the event — we want to see it all!

Please email your photos to us at and be sure to include the city! By sharing your photos, you’re allowing us to feature them on our website, social media platforms, and future communications. This is a fantastic way to show the world the strength, diversity, and solidarity of OPSEU/SEPFO!

But don’t stop there! We also encourage you to share your photos on your own social media platforms. Tag us on Twitter with @OPSEU and on Instagram with @opseusefpo (especially in your Stories!) so we can easily find and share your posts.

This is a great way to spread the word and inspire others to get involved and say “Enough is Enough!”

Can’t wait to see your photo and videos!