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Dear Minister Matthews,

I am writing to you today because I am deeply concerned about vulnerable children and their families in my community. While I support the implementation of Bill 210, I was shocked to learn that many agencies are not able to submit balanced budgets due to lack of adequate funding, and have been forced to cut much-needed support services and file applications under Section 14 of the Child and Family Services Act.

I am calling on your Ministry to adequately fund the child welfare sector so that the change agenda legislated by this government can be implemented. This must include:

  • Funding for non-mandated services including prevention, support and treatment programs to ensure positive and sustainable supports for at risk children and families;
  • Staffing levels to ensure manageable workloads so Child Protection Workers are able to protect and support at risk children and their families;
  • Funding mandated services adequately including Kinship care;
  • Providing adequate funding to northern and rural areas, where we know First Nations children are over-represented in the child welfare system; and
  • Funding transformation costs at a level where agencies are not forced to slow down or backtrack on transformation initiatives.

Please consider this request to provide the required funding that will adequately support programs and services, retain staff and keep our communities healthy.


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