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Sector 19 newsletter, To The Point: Growing bigger, staying closer

Your sector divisional executive (DivEx) has been working hard over the past year since being elected at the 2021 BPS Conference.

The units in our sector have had a busy year bargaining, and our sector is growing, with new members joining OPSEU/SEFPO. We look forward to connecting with more members over the next few months and advocating on behalf of all Sector 19 members to improve our workplaces.

Your DivEx is constantly working to ensure your collective agreements are respected and your workplace rights are upheld. As the division continues to grow, it becomes ever more important that you know your DivEx – and that we know you and your concerns. Be sure to join us on September 7!
– Geoff Cain, Sector 19 Chair

Save the date

We are stronger together when we communicate with one another, so the DivEx will be holding a special meet-and-greet meeting on September 7. This virtual meeting will give Sector 19 members a chance to speak directly to your DivEx members and discuss sector-specific issues.

Zoom login details will be forthcoming so you can speak to your DivEx members over your coffee break or lunch break on September 7. We hope you can join us!

Canadian Blood Services pay equity update

Your union CBS Pay Equity Committee has been waiting quite some time to get to the table with your employer to start pay equity maintenance.

As reported in a previous Sector 19 newsletter, we reached out to the employer to look to start pay equity maintenance discussions in 2020.

The employer advised OPSEU/SEFPO that they were not prepared to meet with the committee, and that they believed it was the employer’s responsibility to maintain the pay equity plan.

In turn, OPSEU/SEFPO filed a complaint requesting an order from the Pay Equity Commission to force the employer to the table for maintenance discussions.

We have been waiting quite some time for a response from Review Services at the Pay Equity Commission but have not received a ruling. This has now been taken a step further, and our legal counsel has sent a formal letter to the Review Services officer to request a decision or order about the complaint OPSEU/SEFPO filed on the maintenance of the CBS pay equity plan.

If no decision or order is received in the coming months, we shall take further legal steps to get resolution on this matter.

We thank all CBS members for their patience. Rest assured that OPSEU/SEFPO will continue to fight this matter to ensure the pay Equity Plan is properly maintained.

Geoff Cain (Chair)

Local 160 – Canadian Blood Services

Shah Nawaz (Vice Chair)

Local 545 – Public Health Ontario

Sarah Dupuis (Member at Large (CBS))

Local 619 – Canadian Blood Services

Jennifer Johnson (Treasurer)

Local 5103 – Canadian Blood Services

Renee Aiken Kearsley (Secretary)

Local 389 – LifeLabs

Hannan Battah (Member at Large (PHO))
Local 545 – Public Health Ontario