Sector 9-Universities

Rising education costs highlighted in CCPA report


An important report indicates that rising university tuition fees are putting increasing demands on Ontario families, who are already struggling with high levels of household debt and stagnating incomes.

Produced by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, the report: “Under Pressure: The impact of rising tuition fees on Ontario families”, was commissioned by the Ontario University Coalition, of which OPSEU is a member.

The findings of this report are shocking. In 2011, household debt has increased to 150 per cent of the average family’s disposable income compared to 93 per cent back in 1990. Meanwhile, middle and lower income families are making less or about the same in after-tax income compared to what they earned in 1990. This leaves them ill-prepared to pay for the 244 per cent increase in tuition that has taken place during this same period.

As noted by OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas: “Government must address this crisis which compromises the future of a generation of Ontarians.”

“A failure to act will ensure that many middle and lower income families will lose an important way to build towards a better future.”

Download full report: “Under Pressure: The impact of rising tuition fees on Ontario
Families” 2011.08.31-rel-underpressurereport.pdf