Hospital Professionals

Respiratory Therapists are integral to our health

#RTWeek2020 words in the shape of lungs

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, front-line healthcare workers have been going above and beyond to help protect Ontarians from the biggest health threat we have ever seen.

With the virus being a respiratory illness, our province’s Respiratory Therapists (RT) have been some of the most heavily relied upon people to help with our safety.

October 25 to 31 is Respiratory Therapy Week. OPSEU/SEFPO represents many workers across the province who work in this capacity. We would like to say to them, and all RTs across the country, that we recognize the importance of these talented and dedicated people and want to express our deepest appreciation for the work they are doing to keep Ontarians and Canadians safe.

The Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists (CSRT) is hosting an awareness campaign this week to try to highlight the hard work these professionals have displayed over the past nine months with COVID-19. OPSEU/SEFPO is joining that call,and making other demands that will ensure that these front-line professionals can do their jobs without external stresses adding to their already-demanding day-to-day responsibilities. These include: (return to pandemic pay; hiring of more full-time professionals. etc.)

Help spread awareness about the great work of RTs and all the work they do!

The CSRT has prepared the template letter to assist you in your own advocacy efforts. Please consider taking this opportunity to help grow public recognition for all RTs. Send the letter to politicians in your community to amplify the voice of the CSRT and RTs across Canada. Help spread awareness about this profession and all the work they do!