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Dryden education courses happening Nov. 26, 27

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The following courses are being offered in Dryden on Nov. 26 and 27, 2022. The deadline for submitting this application form is Friday, September 30.

Basic Grievance Handling for Union Building

This course is designed to examine the grievance process from a workplace organizing perspective.  Grievances are opportunities to build the union.  This hands-on course helps members analyze situations to decide whether a grievance is the best approach.

They will learn about different types of grievances and the remedies available through the grievance/arbitration process.  They will develop technical skills in writing, processing grievances and practice communication to assess whether a member’s rights have been violated.  Participants should bring their Collective Agreements to the course.

Duty to Accommodate: A Tool for Inclusive Workplaces

Provincial legislation and existing case law require employers and unions to provide accommodation short of undue hardship.

This interactive course examines the roles and responsibilities of the employer, the union and the member in accommodating members with disabilities and all other protected groups under the Ontario Human Rights Code. It builds activists’ skills to support members requiring an accommodation, and to deal with employer resistance to accommodation in the workplace.

Stewards 1: Making a Difference in the Workplace

This updated version (March 2015) of Stewards 1 includes a more detailed description and history of OPSEU’s equity-seeking groups. The course continues to support stewards through a range of tools and practical activities. The key aims are to strengthen steward skills to orient a new employee to the union, have effective one-on-one conversations with a cross-section of members, develop a communications strategy to enlist diverse member involvement, and develop approaches to everyday workplace problems.

Throughout the course, participants are supported as they develop a profile of their members, clarify the tasks of the steward, find the resources and information in OPSEU, and understand the grievance process and their role in it. Stewards 1 is a prerequisite to Stewards 2 and must be completed before taking Stewards 2. Participants should bring their collective agreements.

Cross-Cultural Communication at Work: A Union Perspective

In our workplaces, unions, and communities, we experience daily interactions with diverse groups including co-workers, and our union sisters and brothers. There are moments when these interactions lead to miscommunication, and misunderstanding about cultural expressions and social cues. In order to work through some of these communication challenges, an introductory course, Cross-Cultural Communication has been designed.

Participants will work through case scenarios to develop strategies designed to improve their cross-cultural communication.

Mental Health: Challenging the Stigma in the Workplace

As workers and labour activists, we are faced with economic, social, and political changes in our workplaces that impact our mental wellbeing on a daily basis. We all respond differently to situations that impact our lives and subsequently, our mental health.

This introductory course explores mental health, mental health concerns, and stigma in the workplace. Some of the topics covered in this course include: demystifying mental health; individual, union, and employer responsibilities; member-to-member issues; and some strategies to challenge stigma and build inclusion.

Application and other forms

Details & Application: Application Nov 26 & 27, 2022

Childcare Form: Childcare Registration Form

Human Rights Accommodation Form: 304-humanrightsaccommodationrequestformDryden Info

Member Advance Form: 104 Member Advance form

Completed application forms must include the signed recommendation or an approval email from a Local Executive Officer and be received by the Dryden Regional Office no later than Friday, September 30, 2022.  Please note applications will not be accepted after this date. 

Selection Process – Education Policy Section 7 (Policy Manual)

The selection process will be in accordance with the Education Policy – Section 7 of the Policy Manual.  All Local Presidents have an OPSEU Policy Manual.  Please contact your Local President to review this policy.  Applicants will be notified after October 7, 2022 of their acceptance for the educational.


Notification by a member to cancel course attendance should be received by both the local president and the regional office no later than 48 hours before commencement of the regional school (no later than 4:30 P.M. on the Wednesday prior to the weekend school). When a member does not attend and the Regional office has not been notified 48 hours prior to the school’s commencement, the member will be assessed a $50 penalty. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration.

Family/attendant care

Family/Attendant Care will be reimbursed as per OPSEU policy as outlined on the back of the expense claim.  If you have any questions, please check the OPSEU Policy Manual.

Members seeking childcare onsite must make their request through the Dryden Regional Office by Friday, September 30, 2022.

Lost wages / time off

Per past practice, lost wages will be paid for those members who are shift workers and are scheduled to work on Friday November 25 and/or Saturday November 26 and/or Sunday November 27.  Any claim for lost wages must be substantiated by proof from your employer.

Travel time

Lost wage claims will also be accepted for those members who are not shift workers and who have to take time off to travel to the educational.  Claims will only be honoured for the time that is required to travel.


Arrangements have been made for a motor coach for the members travelling from Thunder Bay to Dryden.  The coach will leave the Thunder Bay Regional Office at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, November 25 and will arrive in Dryden in time for dinner Friday evening.  In compliance with the “Greening OPSEU” plan to reduce our carbon footprint that was passed at Convention in 2006 and in the interest of cost savings, all participants are requested to travel on the motor coach.  Please indicate on the registration form if you will be utilizing the coach.  Due to liability issues the consumption of alcohol on the bus will no longer be allowed.  Please respect this expectation.

Alternate travel expense claims for those members travelling from Thunder Bay will only be paid with the advance approval Ed Arvelin, the Regional Vice-President.

Accommodation and meals

Accommodation will be provided for those members who must travel 60 kilometres or more on a SHARED BASIS. Reservations may be made by contacting the Best Western at 1-807-223-3201. Please use tell them you are booking within the OPSEU block.  Reservations can also be made by clicking on the link below:


Members who bring children to the Educational will be entitled to single accommodation. The meal allowance for children under 13 years of age should be 50% of OPSEU’s standard meal allowance.  If you require special assistance at the hotel, please notify the hotel at the time of making your reservations.

Lunch will be provided on Saturday.  If you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements please ensure a Human Rights Accommodation Request Form is submitted.