Region 6 Raises over $13,000 for Hardship Fund to help members

Hands clasped in solidarity

Region 6 has raised an impressive $13,335 for its region’s Hardship Fund, dedicated to helping members who are facing financial difficulties.

According to Mandi McNeil, the Region 6 Hardship Committee Chair, the funds were raised following a challenge to local presidents that any donations would be matched by OPSEU/SEFPO’s Executive Board.

The group was able to raise $6,500, which was matched by the Region 6 Executive Board Members – far exceeding their expectations.
McNeil believes that the success of the fundraiser is a testament to the times we are in and the generosity of Region 6 members.

“The cost of living and inflation are causing financial strain on many people, and they want to help where they can,” McNeil explained.

The sense of community and empowerment that comes with working together to help those in need was also a driving force behind the fundraising efforts.

What does McNeil credit to this impressive show of support and generosity from Region 6?

“Well, I think Region 6 is the best, first and foremost out of all the regions,” McNeil said with a smile. “But primarily, it’s the cost of living, inflation, and wanting to help that’s driving this effort. People understand that others are struggling and want to lend a helping hand.”

McNeil also acknowledged Chantal Barnhart and Daniel Brisson for their help raising the funds.

The success of the campaign will allow the hardship fund to continue to support members in need during this cost of living crisis.

McNeil recommends other regions hold fundraising challenges like Region 6 did, and says that one of the most important things is to talk about the Hardship Fund and ensure members are aware that it is available to them.

Many members don’t know these funds are available so it’s important that they know they can access these funds if they’re having trouble, McNeil explains.

To apply for the Regional Hardship Fund, you can download the form. The form contains a checklist to guide you and detailed instructions for submission.

You can also find the form on the OPSEU/SEFPO Forms and Documents page on our website.