Region 6 Educational School – January 28 and 29, 2023

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January 28 and 29, 2023 – Sudbury, ON

Applications must be sent via e-mail by January 2, 2023 by 4:30pm

Your choice of Stewards 3, Duty to Accommodate 1, or Labour Management Training.

Course Descriptions & Information: Members can apply for the course they want to attend. Rank your top 3 choices and we will do our best to accommodate you into your first choice.

Stewards 3: Dealing with Discipline

(September 2015) This is an advanced level steward course. It is suggested that participants take Stewards 1 and Stewards 2 prior to signing up for this program. Dealing with Discipline is a skills and knowledge focused workshop that will assist union activists in their duties representing members that are facing discipline up to and including dismissal.

The course bridges concepts from Stewards 1 and 2, Basic and Advanced Grievance Handling and Workplace Investigations. Participants should bring their Collective Agreements to the course.

Duty to Accommodate: A Tool for Inclusive Workplaces

Provincial legislation and existing case law require employers and unions to provide accommodation short of undue hardship.

This interactive course examines the roles and responsibilities of the employer, the union and the member in accommodating members with disabilities and all other protected groups under the Ontario Human Rights Code. It builds activists’ skills to support members requiring an accommodation, and to deal with employer resistance to accommodation in the workplace. (March 2010)

Advancing Union Issues through Labour Management Committees

Often union-side members become cynical about labour management committee work because the employer refuses to meet, or follow through on action. This course aims to strengthen skills of labour management committees to solve workplace problems and build the union, whether management is cooperating or not.

A variety of activities are used to clarify the union-building potential of LMC’s, to assess the effectiveness of a labour management committee, and to strengthen skills to move a workplace complaint to resolution at the LMC. Attention is paid to a) arguing an issue; b) addressing management tactics; c) using the LMC to communicate with members; d) strategies to mobilize members to back LMC work; e) connecting LMC work to bargaining and mobilizing work in the Local. Bring Your Collective Agreement to this course.

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