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PYC reports to the “Changing Workplaces Review”


The Provincial Young Workers Committee (PYC) recently submitted a report, entitled "The Precarious Generation," to the Changing Workplaces Review Board of the Ontario Ministry of Labour.  The PYC report addresses the many barriers young workers face as they enter the labour market, such as wage disparity, underemployment and rising student debt.  The employment landscape in Ontario is changing and young workers find themselves in a very precarious situation.  They have high levels of post-secondary education.  However, there is little or no opportunity to work in their related fields.  Instead, employers are replacing full-time, secure positions with insecure and unstable jobs as a way of reducing labour costs.

The report outlines recommendations from the Workers Action Centre, which the PYC endorses, as they relate to employment status, hours of work, exemptions and minimum wage.  In addition, the committee also highlights the advantages of joining a union.  These benefits are not strictly limited to young workers, but given the current employment landscape, protecting their rights must be a priority.

The Changing Workplaces Review is the Ontario Government's response to the changing modern workplace.  It is a series of public consultations which will consider how amendments to the Employment Standards Act and the Labour Relations Act can better protect workers and businesses alike.

To download a copy of the PYC Submission: The Precarious Generation.pdf

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