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Put Kids First: PDT Bulletins: Joint Labour/Employers Update #4


Employers, Unions and Government representatives met on March 3rd to hear the Ministry of Children and Youth Services" presentation on the government’s decision making and fiscal cycle processes. Employers met on March 8th to discuss if/how they would proceed with the CAS PDT process. As a result of this discussion, the Local Directors Section are pleased to report that there was support of the Section to move forward with a "sectoral approach".  Therefore, the parties will engage in PDT discussions for the CAS sector starting April 5th.
We’ll keep you posted!

Contacts for employer and labour unions are as follows:

Employer: Terry Daly
CUPE: Kathy Johnson
OPSEU: Tracy More
CEP: Josephine Petcher
Simcoe CAS ea: Steve Rainy

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