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Public support growing for Owen Sound strikers

The Owen Sound Sun Times reports that many people are supportive of the 30 members of OPSEU Local 276 who are on strike from the Owen Sound Family Health Organization.

“What hit me is some people aren’t making as much as other people,” the Sun Times quotes a person who attended the Local 276 rally and barbecue on June 12. “Doctors, what they do for us, is amazing. And I’m grateful.

“But I think it’s the nurses that get the short end of the stick . . . they do an awful lot. And I don’t think they’re respected enough.”

Lucy Morton, a regional vice-president of the Ontario Public Service Employees’ Union, joined the strikers Tuesday. She said the workers want to go back to work. “They want to go back and negotiate. There’s no negotiations planned,” she said.

“Everything’s just left. No discussions. Which doesn’t make sense. It’s not good for the community. It’s not good for the patients.”