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Local police, not Premier, greeted OPSEU members at Ottawa rally

Ottawa municipal police greeted Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) members at a rally held outside the Ottawa Convention Center on Thursday, December 1. Members hung two 30-foot, "Resist Austerity" banners, with chains, over the McKenzie King Bridge overlooking the entrance to the venue.


Photo by Tom Axtell

Inside Premier Dalton McGuinty spoke of corporate tax cuts, jobs and the economy at a $550-a-plate Liberal fundraiser, the day before 231 public service workers received layoff notices. Outside members braved the cold handing out hundreds of flyers highlighting the impacts of cuts to public services.

The banners drop was sustained for an hour before local police cut the banners down.

"Let"s look at this picture: Under McGuinty, CEOs get tax cuts while citizens get their services cut,” said Warren (Smokey) Thomas, president of OPSEU. “Under McGuinty the rich pay $550 to get access to him while public sector workers get their careers thrown on the dust heap.”