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Public Health Ontario: tentative agreement struck


Toronto – After 12 hours of mediation, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union has reached a tentative agreement with Public Health Ontario.  The deal was struck yesterday and includes wage, leave and other improvements.

Public Health Ontario bargaining team chair Ellen Goslin says “the bargaining team is recommending the deal as it provides something for everyone in each year of the agreement.”

The deal affects 863 OPSEU members in Public Health Ontario labs across the province. OPSEU members provide a wide range of clinical and environmental testing, including food-borne illness testing and drinking-water testing. They also investigate outbreaks and perform tests when bioterrorism is suspected.

OPSEU represents workers at 16 Public Health Ontario laboratories and offices across Ontario. The largest lab is located in downtown Toronto.

OPSEU’s President was pleased with the result. “I want to thank the bargaining team and mediator Gerry Lee for working so tirelessly to come up with an agreement that is fair and gives workers increased access to leave and wages that will continue to be competitive for years to come,” said Warren (Smokey) Thomas.

More details of the tentative agreement will be released in the coming days.  A ratification vote is planned for April 11-12, 2016.  

For more information:  Heather Fathi 416-443-8888 ext. 8724