Prepare for Convention with the New Delegates’ Seminar

OPSEU Indivisible, Convention 2019 - SEFPO Indivisible, Congres 2019

Does your knowledge of the rules of order come from watching Law and Order? Do you start to sweat at the thought of addressing hundreds of delegates? Is this your first time attending Convention? Then this seminar is made for you!

As the highest-ranking authority in OPSEU, Convention relies on excellent communication and a free exchange of ideas among delegates. This means having a grasp of the established procedures and conventions around addressing the floor – and giving yourself, and the members you represent, a loud, clear voice.

The New Delegates’ Seminar will familiarize you with Robert’s Rules of Order. It will help you understand what certain terms mean and why some people can speak at certain times. And since these rules of order are used at all kinds of meetings – from condo meetings to community associations – the skills you acquire are portable!

The seminar is just 90 minutes long and will take place on Wednesday, May 22 from 7 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. in room 201CD. There’s no need to enrol. Just mark it on your calendar and come and get empowered. See you there!