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PHOline: Monetary package tabled in February

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A Newsletter for the OPSEU Members of Public Health Ontario

Bargaining Updates 2015

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Your team resumed bargaining with Public Health Ontario in February. Our previous bargaining dates were in July and September 2014.

Most recently we met with management February 24 to discuss pay equity procedures.

On February 3 the team presented our monetary package to the employer and are now awaiting a response.

The Agency Employees Relations Committee (AERC) also discussed the idea of forming a Classification Committee.  As per Article 26 of the Collective agreement, the Classification Committee operates as a subcommittee of the AERC to address situations where there is either a new classification or a substantial change in the job content of an existing classification.  We have requested that the Classification Committee meet in April.

Bargaining resumed this winter with a change in personnel. Danny Palma (Local 545) is unable to continue on with the team and has subsequently been replaced by Robert Thomas (Local 113) who works at the London laboratory. We all wish Danny well in his new acting position. On the staff side, Anastasios Zafiradis is presently assigned to the Corrections negotiations with the Ontario Public Service. He is being replaced on the bargaining team by Paul Taylor.

Next up: The team is expecting to meet with management over our monetary proposals later this month.

Your bargaining team is:

Local 308 – Ellen Goslin (Chair)

Local 545 – Shah Nawaz (Vice-Chair)

Local 522 – Brenda Boyle

Local 113 – Robert Thomas

Local 716 – Clayton McKibbon

Staff Negotiator: Paul Taylor