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PHOline: June 2015 Bargaining update for OPSEU members of Public Health Ontario


On March 10, 2015 the Employer presented us with a “net zero” monetary position.  The explanation of “net zero” was that there would be no new money but that funds could be taken out of certain benefits in order to pay for a wage increase. In other words, any increase in pay would have to be paid for by the workers. 

On June 8, 2015, we again met with the Employer and a Board appointed conciliator.  The conciliator attempted to assist in getting some movement on the remaining issues, but it soon became clear that the Employer was sticking to its “no new money” position.  Consequently, the union bargaining team opted to request a “No Board Report,” which has the effect of ending the conciliation stage of the process.  Once the “No Board Report” is issued, discussions will take place between the Union and the Employer in an attempt to identify a mutually agreeable arbitrator. 

The outstanding issues leading to the impasse in talks include wages, special and compassionate leave, and benefits.

The bargaining team has arranged for OPSEU to provide T-shirts to all PHO members.  We are asking the OPSEU members to wear these shirts to demonstrate to management that we are united in our goal to achieve a fair collective agreement.  Further information will follow shortly and information sessions are being planned to take place prior to the hearing.

Local 308 – Ellen Goslin (Chair)

Local 545 – Shah Nawaz (Vice-Chair)

Local 522 – Brenda Boyle

Local 113 – Robert Thomas

Local 716 – Clayton McKibbon

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