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PHOLine: Information on upcoming interest arbitration

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“OPSEU members at Public Health Ontario deserve respect and fairness. You perform critical work on the front lines of health care that keeps people safe. So as we head into arbitration, know that OPSEU has your back, and your bargaining team will keep fighting for you.” 

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas

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Update on bargaining

Your bargaining team and the employer are proceeding to interest arbitration on June 3, 2019. At the arbitration stage, all outstanding issues will be submitted to a neutral third-party arbitrator who will make a final and binding decision. This is called “issuing an award.” 

Although your team worked hard, a negotiated deal couldn’t be reached because Public Health Ontario CEO Peter Donnelly refused to hear members’ concerns or address these important issues at the bargaining table. Interest arbitration is the next step, as workers at Public Health Ontario are bound by the Hospital Labour Disputes Arbitration Act (HLDAA) and do not have the right to strike.

“Despite our best efforts, the employer is refusing to budge on important concerns to our members,” said Omid Nouri, Chair of the bargaining team. “Our demands are reasonable and we look forward to taking them to arbitration.”

However there is some good news. The bargaining team and employer have agreed to the contents of the previous expired Collective Agreement. The wage grid dispute has been resolved and the Agreement is now being signed off by both parties. We will have printed copies distributed out to members in the New Year.

Next Steps:

Your bargaining team needs your help as we prepare for arbitration. A survey will be sent out to all members to complete.  Please watch for this important survey over the next few weeks. We will need all of our members to help gather information.

Finally, we want to thank you for your support throughout the bargaining process, including showing solidarity at events across the province. We’ll keep you posted on any upcoming events and provide an update on the arbitration process once we have more information to share.

In Solidarity,

Your Public Health Ontario Bargaining Team:

Omid Nouri
Local 545 (Toronto)
Bargaining Team Chair

Shah Nawaz
Local 545 (Toronto)

Selfa Pyentam
Local 113 (London)

Casey McGuire
Local 412 (Ottawa)

Vincent Fernandes 
Local 545 (Toronto)