Part-Time Support Staff Bargaining Update: Back to the Table with #PartTimePower Behind Us!


Bargaining Bulletin #2:

Your Part-Time College Support Staff Bargaining Team is heading back to the bargaining table with the College Employer Council (CEC) this week, with dates booked between March 25 – 28. We will be tabling key monetary proposals, including wages, paid sick days, and equal pay for equal work.

Amidst generational underfunding, growing use of public-private partnerships, and provincial funding shortfalls, we need an offer that recognizes that budget management won’t happen on workers’ backs. Colleges are peddling false narratives of austerity and efficiency to justify keeping workers down – but it’s a tired story, and we know our livelihood is more important than any bottom line.

Colleges have a historical role in preparing the workforce of tomorrow – and that responsibility must begin with being a decent employer. Getting organized is how we will hold the colleges accountable to that responsibility. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but it does start now.

We deserve an offer that doesn’t shortchange us for the valuable contributions we make to campuses across Ontario. Part-time support staff play an integral role in making colleges a better place to work and study – we’re worth more than the minimum!

Part-Time Power! drop in events at 20 Ontario colleges

This week, we’re taking our power back to send the Employer a strong message that we are unified behind our bargaining team and our demands.

In solidarity with the Bargaining Team, 20 colleges across Ontario are hosting drop-in events for members to learn about what’s at stake and what this bargaining round means for part time support staff across the province!

Be sure to check if your campus is hosting one so you can attend and help us build momentum. You can find a full list with details, including locations and times, here.

College leaders reflect workplace culture, change starts at the bargaining table

On March 18th, your CAAT-S PT Bargaining Chair and Division Chair sent a letter to the College Employer Council (CEC). Following the unacceptable public conduct of Conestoga President John Tibbits, it was necessary and prudent to highlight the importance of stronger, proactive protections against sexual harassment and the opportunity to secure those provisions through language we have tabled in bargaining.

You can find the letter in full hereThe College Employer Council (CEC) has since responded, indicating their commitment to continue this important conversation at our upcoming bargaining dates.

In solidarity,

Your College Support Part-Time Bargaining Team:

Noor Askandar, George Brown College, Chair

Sara McArthur, Mohawk College, Vice-Chair

Doreen Follett, Algonquin College, Member

Torsten Hamelin, George Brown College, Member

Aliza Kassam, George Brown College, Member

Paula Naylor, Sault College, Member

Natalie Williams, Sheridan College, Member

We want to hear from you about benefits!

Reminder: If you have yet to complete the benefits survey, please do so at this link.

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