Health Care Workers

Pandemic pay for all frontline healthcare workers

Get the recognition you deserve.

The Ford Government is providing pandemic pay for thousands of Ontario professionals working on the front lines during COVID-19. Thoughtlessly, however, thousands more who are also risking their lives providing essential health care services have been excluded from this compensation.

Send a message to Premier Ford, and Ministers Christine Elliott and Merrilee Fullerton and demand that all frontline workers be included.

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Send your email to Premier Ford, Minister Elliot and Minister Fullerton now

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Email Message

Dear Premier Ford; Minister Elliot; and Minister Fullerton

As a frontline health care worker giving 100 per cent every day to provide world class care during the COVID-19 crisis, I am frustrated and disappointed that your government has excluded my profession from pandemic pay.

The essential, dangerous, and life-saving work thousands of professionals like me are performing during the biggest health crisis our province has ever seen deserves respect and recognition. We are an essential component to the healthcare system and are putting our lives on the line day after day, coming in direct and prolonged contact with presumptive and positive patients so we can beat this virus and keep Ontarians healthy.

We deserve to be cared for at a time when so many lives depend on our good health and care.


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