Vote for public services on October 27, 2014

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Our city matters! Vote for the Toronto you want

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014 - 1:00pm

Dear OPSEU member,
On October 27, Toronto voters will be heading to the polls to elect a new Mayor, City Councillors, and School Trustees to represent us for the next four years.
This election matters
OPSEU members, our families and our communities have a lot at stake in this election.
Why? Because the City of Toronto delivers important public services that our communities depend on every day - from public transit, water and hydro, to housing, public libraries, community services and recreation programs.
These services have suffered badly over the past four years. Rob Ford and his supporters have cut, privatized and contracted out important services across Toronto. And they have failed to make progress on key issues like expanding rapid transit across the city and addressing the crisis in affordable housing.
Making our votes count
That's why OPSEU is encouraging every member in Toronto to get out on October 27 and vote for quality public services, good jobs, and a city where everyone counts.
And it's why we have been working with the Toronto & York Region Labour Council for the past year to identify progressive, labour-friendly candidates for Mayor, City Councillors and School Trustees who will work together to make Toronto into an inclusive and liveable city where no one is left out.
A new Mayor for a better Toronto
It's also why OPSEU Region 5 is endorsing Olivia Chow for Mayor.
Olivia Chow is the only major candidate for Mayor who has a positive plan to invest in Toronto and rebuild the public services our communities need. Olivia has committed to expanding after-school programs, daycare and affordable housing. She has a solid plan to increase bus service now, and build better, faster rapid transit in every part of the city.
Olivia will work with city contractors to create 5,000 new jobs and apprenticeships. She opposes privatization and contracting out. And over more than 30 years fighting for working people - as a School Trustee, City Councillor and Member of Parliament - Olivia has shown the strength and determination that gets results.
Compare this to mayoral candidates Doug Ford and John Tory. Both are Conservative millionaires who have supported Stephen Harper, Tim Hudak and Rob Ford. Both want to keep cutting public services, privatizing city assets, and eliminating good jobs in our communities. And both are trying to sell you transit plans that experts say won't work - and will leave our city billions of dollars in debt.
With so much on the line, your vote for Olivia Chow for Mayor could make the difference.
Choosing your next City Councillor and School Trustee  
Of course, while the Mayor has a lot of power, they only have one vote out of 45 on City Council. So OPSEU and Labour Council have also taken a look at the candidates for City Councillor and School Trustee in all 44 city wards. We've identified progressive leaders who will work hard for our communities - and to protect our public services.
On election day, it is up to you to decide which candidates share our values as public sector workers, and offer the best approach to building the strong, inclusive Toronto we all want.
But remember: to have your say - and help make a positive change... You have to get out and vote on October 27!
For more information

Check out the following links to learn more about the candidates, their platforms, and what we have at stake in this election: - Labour council's one-stop site for election information, a score card on outgoing councillors' performance, news, videos, events and other resources - official website for Olivia's campaign, including detailed information on her full platform to reinvest in a better Toronto - an independent site created by Women in Toronto Politics that lets you compare the platforms for all City Council candidates on 10 key issues.
We hope you find this information useful as you make your decision on how to vote for your family and your community.
In solidarity,
Your OPSEU Region 5 Executive Board Members
Myles Magner, Regional Vice-President
Ibrahim Bozai, Executive Board Member
Edie Strachan, Executive Board Member