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OPTrust proposes action on climate change

Pension funds must take bold steps to reduce the risk that climate change poses for the pensions of their members, the OPSEU Pension Trust (OPTrust) says. In a new position paper, Climate Change: Delivering on Disclosure, OPTrust calls on companies to disclose more and better climate-related information so investors can understand investment risks.

"To truly find solutions, we need to play a leadership role in advancing the ability of all asset owners to understand the risks they face from climate change," says Hugh O'Reilly, OPTrust President and CEO. "As a pension plan, we are well equipped to make a difference on a long-term issue like climate change because of our long time horizon and focus on sustainability. We have a responsibility to our members to make sure they receive the pensions theyt are counting on."

Read the full OPTrust report here.

There is no likely scenario in which climate change doe not have an impact on investment returns, according to a consultant's report commissioned by OPTrust. Read that report here.