OPSEU’s Got Talent 2015


At the 2015 Convention, OPSEU held its first ever OPSEU’s Got Talent Show. Any member in good standing was eligible to submit a piece for review. All 88 submissions were submitted to an external agency that reviewed the submissions and selected one candidate from each region. The seven candidates came to convention and performed before the delegates.
Here is the performance submission from Carolyn Cote, Local 415.

{“fid”:”26954″,”view_mode”:”youtube”,”fields”:{“format”:”youtube”,”filename_field[en][0][value]”:”Arms Of The Girl – All Up To You (OFFICIAL VIDEO)”},”type”:”media”,”link_text”:”Arms Of The Girl – All Up To You (OFFICIAL VIDEO)”,”attributes”:{“class”:”file media-element file-youtube”}}

Here is the performance submission from James Taylor, Local 665

{“fid”:”26955″,”view_mode”:”youtube”,”fields”:{“format”:”youtube”,”filename_field[en][0][value]”:”James A. Taylor-Be My Soul”},”type”:”media”,”link_text”:”James A. Taylor-Be My Soul”,”attributes”:{“class”:”file media-element file-youtube”}}

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