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OPSEU welcomes newest members at First Nation-operated Rama Paramedic Services

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OPSEU is proud to welcome our newest members at Rama Paramedic Services. Paramedics at this First Nation-operated service provide skilled pre-hospital care in the Rama First Nation and the surrounding areas.

The certification vote took place in April, 2018, however the vote count was delayed by a jurisdictional dispute. When the boxes were opened, it was revealed that 100 per cent of the workers voted in favour of joining OPSEU.

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas says more and more workers are turning to OPSEU as they see the kind of decisions that are coming from the Ford government.

“Workers who don’t have strong representation are vulnerable when you have a loose cannon in government that doesn’t care about working people,” said Thomas.  “We have a proven track record and the fact that frontline workers are flocking to OPSEU in droves speaks volumes.”

OPSEU Ambulance Division Chair, Jamie Ramage, welcomed the new members, saying they made a great choice when they voted to join OPSEU.

“When Rama paramedics reached out to OPSEU, they knew what we’re about. They witnessed our strength to make real change for paramedics,” said Ramage. “We are proud of the work we did in bringing about Workplace Safety Insurance Board presumptive legislation, as well as the important part we played in improving our OMERS pension plan by changing the Normal Retirement Age for paramedics from 65 to 60. As we grow in numbers, we are also growing in strength.”