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OPSEU welcomes new Local Presidents at Head Office orientation

Female instructor with her back to the camera instructs blurred-out students

OPSEU’s newest local presidents had a chance to learn about how their union works.

The 26 Local Presidents who attended the sessions at OPSEU’s Head Office in September received an overview of how the union functions. They also discussed strategies for representing members and building the union.

Staff members from the different OPSEU departments talked about on how their units function and how members can take advantage of the many supports and resources that our union offers.

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas and OPSEU First Vice-President/Treasurer Eduardo (Eddy) Almeida both spoke to the local presidents about the current landscape of the union and the province.

Thomas reminded the new local presidents that although their work is challenging, it can make a tremendous difference in the lives and workplaces of our members.

“It takes tremendous dedication and energy to be a local president,” said Thomas.  “But the work is incredibly rewarding and so vital to OPSEU.”

The local presidents also got a field trip to the roof of OPSEU’s head office to look at the bee hives that have been placed there.

The initiative was started by the First Vice-President/Treasurer to help bolster dwindling bee populations. It’s the first of a number of such colonies planned for OPSEU properties, and OPSEU is looking forward to producing our own honey branded “Bee OPSEU”.

The local presidents engaged in discussions about increasing steward involvement and building local engagement.

The local presidents indicated that they now have a better understanding of OPSEU’s resources, the importance of delegating, and the value of connecting with other local presidents.

Local President Orientation sessions are held four times a year.