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OPSEU welcomes Mackenzie Health workers


By a margin of 85 per cent support, hospital professionals at Mackenzie Health in York Region have made OPSEU their union of choice!

In a vote taken earlier this week, 65 laboratory technologists, technicians and assistants, pathologist assistants and electrocardiogram technicians strongly favoured joining the union.

President Warren (Smokey) Thomas said the positive decision taken by employees at Mackenzie Health reinforces OPSEU position as Ontario’s premiere union for hospital professionals.

“When it comes to being the leading expert on working conditions that hospital professionals face, OPSEU has the strength in numbers and depth of knowledge to make a real difference in the working lives of our members,” he said. “On behalf of these skilled hospital workers we are able to bargain from a real position of power.”

Executive board member Sara Labelle, who is chair of the union’s hospital professional division, also extended warm greetings to OPSEU’s newest members.

“The great turnout of Mackenzie Health workers and overwhelming vote of support to join OPSEU is just another indication of why hospital professionals represent the fastest growing division in the union. I look forward to working closely with these new members.”


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Kiera Chion

Organizing Representative