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OPSEU to Wynne: How many job losses to meet budget target?


The Ontario Public Service Employees Union says the time has arrived for Premier Kathleen Wynne to deal in straight talk with the people of Ontario and answer the question: How many public sector workers will lose their jobs to meet her target of  $1.25 billion in government spending cuts?

In a letter sent today to the Premier, OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas said, “It’s time for you to come clean with Ontario voters and with Ontario public sector workers.

“It’s time for you to tell us whether you are going to cut public sector jobs in order to implement the $1.25 billion in cuts you announced in your  budget … To date you haven’t been clear. You haven’t answered this key question.”

In his correspondence, Thomas pointed out that $1.25 billion in spending cuts amounts to more than 30,000 public sector jobs. He asked bluntly: “Are you going to cut 30,000 jobs to pay for these cuts?”

The OPSEU president said the voters of Ontario “are entitled to an honest, clear answer to these questions so they can make an informed decision at the ballot box.”

Thomas acknowledged the Premier’s pledge to increase the number of nurses and teachers over four years. But that leaves tens of thousands of other public sector workers confused and worried about their future employment.

“Don’t hide,” Thomas advised Wynne. “Are you going to eliminate public sector jobs to fund your budget cuts? Yes or no?”

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