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OPSEU to Liberal Party members: “Take back your party”


COLLINGWOOD, ON – With the provincial Liberal party about to kick-off its weekend annual general meeting, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union has issued an appeal to the party's grassroots to seize control of the political agenda from the grip of the Premier's office.

"My appeal to rank-and-file Liberal party members is straightforward: Take back your party from the premier and her cabinet. Where members stand and where the political leadership is going couldn't be more at odds," said Warren (Smokey) Thomas, president of OPSEU.

"Does anyone actually believe that tens of thousands of Liberal party members and their local riding executives are solidly behind the premier and her eagerness to sell off Hydro One to the private sector? I think not."

Thomas made his comments outside the Blue Mountain resort in Collingwood where hundreds of Liberal party members are gathering this weekend for their annual general meeting. More than 150 protesters greeted delegates as they arrived Friday afternoon, many carrying placards that read: "Are you at the right meeting?"

In a letter sent June 4 from Thomas to the party's executive council and to all riding associations, the OPSEU president wrote: "I strongly urge you to exercise your democratic right this weekend and bring an emergency resolution to the floor of your general meeting that moves to immediately stop the sale of Hydro One.

"Ask yourselves: Is this why you joined the Liberal party? To sell off assets that belong to all Ontarians without their consent? Or did (you) join the Liberal party because of your belief in a fair society? A society in which the government plays a positive role in making life better for everyone?"

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Warren (Smokey) Thomas, 613-329-1931