OPSEU Liquor Board Employees Division

OPSEU Strike Benefit Package (LCBO)

OPSEU Liquor Board Employees Division - SEFPO Division des employes de la regie des alcools

As per OPSEU policy, OPSEU members at the LCBO who currently receive a percentage in lieu of benefits in their pay are eligible to enroll for limited benefits under the OPSEU Joint Trusteed Benefit Fund – known as the OJTBF for short. These benefits will be available to members in the event of a strike at the LCBO.

Please find attached three documents:

  • Strike Benefit Instructions
  • Strike Benefit Enrollment Form
  • Strike Benefit Claim Form

Please note: OPSEU members at the LCBO who currently receive benefits from the employer do NOT need to sign up. As per OPSEU policy, OPSEU is currently negotiating with the employer the continuation of benefits in the event of a strike.

Enrollment and Claim Instructions

For the length of the strike, the OJTBF will be providing you with the following benefits:

  • Life Insurance – $100,000
  • Health Care for you and your eligible dependents. Benefit details are enclosed on the attached pages.

Please return your completed Enrollment form to the OJTBF at:

OJTBF – Strike Benefits
6 Lansing Square, Suite 121
Toronto, ON M2J 1T5

Enrollment Form

To ensure that you are enrolled for benefits, complete the enrollment form as indicated below:

1. Personal Information

Please provide your contact information including a telephone number where we can reach you should we have any questions about your enrollment or claim.

2. Beneficiary

Designate a beneficiary for the life insurance proceeds of your coverage. Provide the beneficiary’s surname, given name and indicate their relationship to you (i.e. daughter, spouse, etc.).

Note: if this section is left blank or unsigned when returned to SSQ, your beneficiary is deemed to be your ESTATE.

3. Coverage Requirement

Indicate your coverage requirement; coverage for yourself only, or coverage for yourself, your spouse and/or your child(ren).

  • If you selected coverage for your spouse and/or children, list all your eligible dependents (spouse and/or children). Include over age children (from age 21 up to the 25th birthday) who are regularly attending school full-time and solely dependent on you for support. You will be required to provide proof of full time enrollment, i.e., school ID and copy of Invoice for Tuition Fee.

4. Signature (Required)

Sign and date that statements you have made are true in the Authorization section.To be eligible for strike benefits, you must complete and send this enrollment form to the OJTBF. You may send an electronic copy to strikebenefits@ojtbf.ca but the original must follow by mail.

Claims Submission

If you incur claims during the strike, attach receipts to the Health Insurance Claim ts form and send it to the address shown below. All claims for expenses incurred during the strike, must be sent to SSQ no later than 2 months after the last day of the strike.

SSQ, Life Insurance Company Inc. 
Attention: Health Claims
110 Sheppard Ave E, Suite 500
Toronto, ON M2N 6Y8