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OPSEU stands shoulder-to-shoulder with education workers

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OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas and other LABOUR leaders stood united this weekend in their support of education workers. They joined together at Unifor’s Ontario Regional Council (ORC), held December 6-7 in Toronto. Thomas, Unifor National President Jerry Dias, OSSTF President Harvey Bischof, EFTO President Sam Hammond and OECTA President Liz Stuart said they stand with and support all education workers.

From left to right: Sam Hammond, President Thomas, Jerry Dias, Liz Stuart, Harvey Bischof.

“We’re behind them 100 per cent,” said Thomas. “I feel it in my bones, I feel it in my heart, that once the Conservatives are done with the teachers, they’ll take aim at the rest of us.”

With the commitment and tenacity of their respective memberships behind them, the five leaders pledged their solidarity with teachers and education workers as they battle the Tories’ budget cuts – cuts that swell class sizes, while axing education options, career paths and frontline jobs.

For more information on Unifor’s ORC, visit #ORC19.